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60% Discount!! Facebook Marketing Strategy Certification Courses

Facebook Marketing Strategy Certification Courses now on 60% discount which can save RM240.00 on the promotional period! This course available in English and Mandarin!


This is the fully Online Facebook Marketing Strategy Certification Courses, Learners will learn the courses Fully using Online Methods, carry on theory evaluation online and summit practical assessment online.
This Certification Courses open to Globally, the course fee have to pay in Currency of Malaysia Ringgit (auto convert using Master/VISA) .
After Leaners fully fulfill all the competency requirements, the Certificate will post to the address Learners provide.

What to Learn:

1)  Learn and practice the correct method to generate quality content to get engagement and turn it to conversion
2)  Build up the personal fame and reputation in social media
3)  To become aggressive, skillful, creative and tactical social media marketer
4)  Build up, manage and maintain massive networking resources through social media
5)  To establish good Values, Character and Personality individuals

Core Learning Skill:

After complete the course, Learners able to learn:
1)Facebook Business Strategy
2)Facebook Page Management and Marketing Skills
3)Facebook Group Management and Marketing Skills
4)Facebook Human Communication Abilities
5)Abilities to Getting the real Sales or Revenue using Facebook

Future Prospects:

After getting certification of this courses , Learners will be able to
1)Starting Online Business using Facebook
2)Become the Facebook Marketer for Corporate
3)Become the Facebook Manager for Corporate
4)Manage the Facebook Business for third party

Minimum Enrollment Requirements:

1)Learners already had Facebook Account
2)Learners able to using Facebook in Multiple platforms like PC , Laptop, iPad, Tables and Mobile Phones
3)English typing Capabilities for English Courses and Mandarin Typing capabilities for Chinese Courses
4)Learners must possess the facilities or devices which can download and using iOS Apps or Android Apps.
5)Learners require to download Teaching Materials by Online (after download can review during offline); Carry On Theory Assessment Online and doing the Practical Assessment Online.

Course Duration:

1)After the payment made, learners will getting Online Learning Institutions within 7 Working Days.
2)Since Learners Activates the Online Learning, Learners having 30 Days to complete all the Online Courses and Online Theory Assessment.
3)Practical Assessment also have to summit in 30 Days since courses Activated!
4)If above 30 Days Learners haven’t done all the competency requirements, RM100.00 penalty will be charged in order to extend another 30 Days.

Facebook only for expanding Local Business, it's a gateway to explore Global business

Facebook only for expanding Local Business, it’s a gateway to explore Global business

Registration and Payment Method:

1)Enrollment must using the Online enrollment form in MEC website, Learners have to fill in all requirements Details and Summit the Enrollment form Online.
2)Online Payment method currently support PayPal only
3)Bank transfer or Bank in to Malaysia E-commerce Community Hong Leong Bank Account

Fee and Charges:

Course Fees: RM400.00 ( Special 60% promotional discount now at RM160.00 )
Registration Fees: RM50.00
Examination Fees: RM50.00
Certification Fees: RM100.00 ( Includes Posting Fee )
Total Price: RM360.00


This certificate courses will required Learner to learn all the Online Modules and getting Pass in Online Theory Assessment and getting Competence in Practical Assessment. After fulfill all requirements Malaysia E-commerce Community will issue Learners a Certificate.


Theory Assessment

Learners have to answer and score for Pass of every required Online Theory Assessment in order to get certification!

Practical Assessment

Learners have to summit the Practical Assessment to Trainer by Online to get Trainer certified in order to fulfill the Competency Requirements.

Modules and Content
Module 1: Facebook Basis
1)  Facebook Overview
2)  Facebook Marketing Potential
3)  Personal Account Basis
4)  Build up Fame and Reputation

Module 2: Rules and Regulation
1)  Code of Conduct
2)  Facebook Regulation
3)  Facebook users’ physiologies
Module 3: Facebook Page Strategy
1)  Facebook Page Basis
2)  Content Generating (text, article, picture and video)
3)  Creativities Strategies
4)  Advance functions and technics
5)  Case studies and analysis
6)  Engagement Conversion
Module 4: Facebook Group Strategy
1)  Facebook Group Basis
2)  Content Generating (text, article, picture and video)
3)  Creativities Strategies
4)  Advance functions and technics
5)  Case studies and analysis
6)  Engagement Conversion

Old Price: MYR600.00

Price: MYR360.00

You save: MYR240.00

Shipping: MYR0.00


Advance Facebook Marketer Courses

Advance Facebook Marketer Courses
A one day Facebook Marketing Practical Workshop which made learners Fully Competence in Facebook Marketing Technics , Strategies and Management in order to become Advance Facebook Marketer !

What to Learn :
1) Build up your Facebook Character Fame
2) Strategies and Managing Facebook Fan page
3) Marketing Tactics on Facebook Groups
4) Facebook Marketing on Cross Social Media Platform
5) Facebook Marketing to Facebook E-Commerce
6) Content Write-up Strategies
7) Case Study Analysis
Course Conduct by “Master Xi”
Chairperson of Malaysia e-Commerce Community
Veteran Global Internet-marketing Educator

-This Courses can be conduct in English or Mandarin
-Conduct in Micro-teaching practical workshop method
-Learners should bring own Laptop or tablet for training

RM699 for Personal
RM1899 for Groups or Corporate

For More info : http://malaysiaecommerce.my/ , http://webmaster-education.com/ , HP: 6017-6484838

Price: MYR699.00

Shipping: MYR0.00

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