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    The Lauching of MEC
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Malaysia e-commerce Community Facilities and Services

i) The Community is open to Internet enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and anyone involved in business. They can participate in the Community activities once their membership is approved. Once they become members, they are eligible to enjoy the benefits and services provided by the Community.
ii) The Community will regularly invite successful entrepreneurs from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia and initiate a networking session between them and members in order to share information on the latest Internet innovation, as well as management tips and technical exchange.
iii) The Community plans to organize international study tours for members so they can learn from leading companies in the e-commerce scene. Such tours would also give the opportunity for members to network with business professionals and participate in educational exchange.
MasterXi on freedom entrepreneurs alliance
iv) The Community will act as a platform of exchange in terms of resources and cooperation amongst businesspeople, entrepreneurs, investors and financiers, in turn forming an elite fraternity.
Dinasou.com opening
v) The Community will provide access to wide market channels for its members, which would allow members to exchange their customer base with each other in a spirit of cooperation.
website on every platform
vi) The Community will also offer a promotional platform that includes website, social media, newspaper and advertising, among others, to help members establish their image.
vii) The Community will organize various activities, including conferences, exhibitions and various training programmes.

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