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Marcus Tan appointed as MEA Legal Advisor

Our President MasterXi represented our Association officially appointed Mr Marcus Tan as Legal Advisor

Malaysia Ecommerce Association proudly announced that We officially appointed Mr Marcus Tan Kian Han as Legal Advisor of Our Assosiation.

It were nearby 30 attendance during MEA April General Shoult Out at 13/4/2017

After appointed as MEA Legal Advisor , Mr Marcus Tan release his statement as followed:

The internet has globalised us without a boundary. With the aid of internet connectivity, procurement of groceries and transfer of credits could be done within a few finger clicks. Faster internet connectivity leads us to seek for a better life, to be precised, a better quality of life. As right to access internet has become part of modern human rights, the security and reliability of transactions over the fibre optic cables have become a major issue concerning every internet user around the world which would include the golden goose in the 21st century – E-Commerce transactions.

Following the idea and initiative of Jack Ma of AliBaba Group, the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) has been introduced in Malaysia. It would certainly boost up and revolutionise the e-commerce industry in Malaysia including all relevant industry players such as financial providers and logistic companies.

However, it seems that the existing laws had failed to provide sufficient legal protection to both consumers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, neither the laws were able to offer an amicable, economical and expeditious out-of-court solutions when dispute concerning e-commerce transaction arises. Although the Electronic Commerce Act 2006 has been enacted and amendment on the Consumer Protection Act 1999 has been performed to regulate the uprising e-commerce activities in Malaysia, however it appears that these efforts were unable to offer sufficient solutions to combat cyber-crime activities which are increasing tremendously on daily basis.

A scrutiny on these cyber-laws would reveal the inadequacy of the aforementioned legal protection in particularly in combating cyber-crimes which has out-beaten the slow reaction in keeping the laws up to date, for example “love parcels”, fake identity of e-commerce sellers on different platforms, fake products and others. Besides that, there is a desperate need to improve the initiative and effort in enforcing existing laws to combat cyber-crime activities.

On this note, the Malaysia E-Commerce Association (“MEA”) would certainly look forward to strengthen the public awareness on the importance to having a better and/or comprehensive cyber-related laws to manage the shortcomings of the existing laws. MEA hopes to enhance the engagement with relevant stakeholders and policy makers to draft, enact and refine laws pertaining to e-commerce transactions.

It is also our hope that after collecting and compiling all the opinions and suggestions from relevant stakeholders, to issue an appropriate but friendly-use e-commerce guideline which we hope it could be adopted by the e-commerce industry players, or if not, at least to serve as a kickstart or useful reference to be referred by both e-commerce consumers and entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, MEA hopes to take more initiatives by researching into the adequacy of personal data protection in the era of big data especially when all e-commerce transactions would inevitably involve the collection of personal data. The lack of awareness and education in having a tight and good security features in place would certainly expose the consumers’ personal data to cyber-crime activities such as internet hacking, causing the online consumers to suffer greater and irreparable identity harm or monetary loss. These issues must be addressed promptly.

I thank to the trust given by MEA and its appointment for having me on board.

Marcus Tan Kian Han

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