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MEA 2017 Organization Chart Released

Malaysia eCommerce Association Released latest Organization Chart of Board of Committee. Veteran Media Expert Prof.Dr KS Low and IT Security Expert Mr Tan Cheng Wei had been appointed as Association Advisor.
The 2017 MEA Official Organization Chart are as follows:

MEA President Master Xi express his view after version 2017 Organization Chart officially release as:
Year 2017 is very important year for Local eCommerce Players and Traditional Business Owner , the challange from the worldwide flooding us and How we can survive with coming Globally Challange will be a huge task for all of us.
Direction of MEA is very clear in two Core Direction:
1)Assist Local eCommerce startup to develop , get funding and explore global market.
2)Assist Local SME who haven’t adopt in eCommerce to commence their eBusiness.

Malaysia eCommerce Association Vice President Mr Kang See Hong and Committee members Lye Funn

Vice President Mr Kang said that Malaysia eCommerce Association will trying to enrich the member category in order to be more accurate members are in which sectors.

1. SME business owner
2. WeiShang(Micro Web Seller)
3. Worker who want to learn and start to do ecommerce
4. Ecommerce service provider, such as hosting, apps developer etc.,
5. Educator , Trainer

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